Mitchell Starc To Take Retirement? The KKR Pacer Gives Hint On His Career’s End

Australian fast bowler and KKR’s hero in the 2024 IPL playoffs, Mitchell Starc, has hinted that he may retire from ODI cricket. He said that after retiring from the 50-over format he will make more time for franchise cricket. Speaking at the post-match press conference after KKR’s IPL victory, Starc expressed his desire to return for the next season. He mentioned that although he has prioritized playing for Australia over the past nine years, now he wants to make a transition as he is on the verge of the end of his career.

Starc fetched a record-breaking price in the 2024 IPL auction and returned to the league for the first time since 2015. His valuation of Rs 24.75 crore initially drew scepticism, which intensified after his poor performance in the first half of the tournament. However, he silenced his critics by delivering an outstanding performance on the final night.

Starc discussed his upcoming plans and expressed the joy of participating in the 17th edition of Indian Premier League. He confirmed his availability for next year and expressed his hope to play for KKR again in 2025.

While talking in a post-match presentation, Starc said,”Last 9 years I have prioritised Australian cricket and IPL has been my time off and give my body a break and spend some time with my wife also. That’s certainly been what the outlook has been for the last 9 years. Moving forward, look, certainly I am closer to the end of my career than the start, so, one format may drop off. It is a long time away, the next ODI World Cup and whether that format continues for me or not, it may open doors for more franchise cricket, so, I have thoroughly enjoyed this season, it leads into the World Cup, so that’s the other side of it, the benefit of being here. It is an amazing tournament with amazing players and the success has been fantastic.”

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