Mitchell Starc is happy with his performance for KKR in the knockouts amid price tag jokes

In Sunday’s Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 final in Chennai, Kolkata defeated SRH to earn their third title, and KKR pacer Mitchell Starc was overjoyed with his magnificent ball-handling display. Man of the Match winner Starc praised KKR’s ability to peak at the perfect time, highlighting the team’s cohesiveness and collaborative effort. In the 29-over summit match, Kolkata, who had won the 10-team league’s group stage, demonstrated even more dominance than they did in the first playoff match against Hyderabad on Tuesday.

True indeed, KKR had a fantastic evening. How wonderful a game. What a year it is. Final between two thrilling teams.” Two exciting teams in the final,” Starc began, capturing the excitement surrounding the climactic end to a fiercely competitive tournament.

Starc took advantage of the cloudy weather, having returned to form just in time following a poor league phase. He pulled him forward with a late-swinging delivery that took out Abhishek Sharma, the league’s breakout rookie, for just two runs. Rahul Tripathi seemed uneasy and found it difficult to adjust to Starc’s increased bounce and pace, despite scoring nine runs. Tripathi was dismissed as a ball ballooned up after a delivery that kept its angular trajectory struck his bat little over the sweet spot.

Starc commended his teammates, highlighting the team effort that helped KKR win. Our group of bowlers and hitters was outstanding. Being at the top of the competition toward the end was pleasant. Everybody made a contribution. Wonderful that I could help personally, but it’s good to see everyone doing so,” he said.

In his remarks, he emphasized the team’s togetherness and spirit of cooperation, which were essential to their success. In the thrilling finale, KKR lost the toss and had to bowl first in an unpredictable circumstance. “We were unsure of the wicket’s play. When it came to his usage of bowlers and field placements, Shreyas was excellent. Starc said, “The boys did a good job of adjusting to the circumstances. He applauded captain Shreyas Iyer’s tactical choices and the team’s flexibility, both of which were critical in managing the stressful situation.

Smiles were exchanged when Starc was asked how he was coping with the pressure of his well-publicized return to the Indian Premier League. Jokes concerning the money have been made frequently. However, I hadn’t participated in the IPL in a long time. It has been my assistance in controlling the expectations. Thank goodness I was older and more seasoned to handle this. His ability to maintain composure and concentration in the face of outside noise was evident in his statement, “It was good fun.” In addition, Starc gave his teammates bowlers some appreciation.

“We have had a good bowling group. It was great to learn and see how these guys go about it,” he mentioned, highlighting the camaraderie and mutual learning within KKR’s bowling unit.

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