Manchester City Psychologist Joins England’s T20 World Cup Defence

The defending champions are leaving no stone untouched before the T-20 World Cup as they hire Manchester City psychologist David Young ahead of the upcoming T-20 World Cup. David had phenomenal success as a psychologist with Manchester City, as the side won four Champions League titles in four consecutive years.
Young had earlier been in the set-up of England’s men’s cricket team from 2016 to 2020. He will be joining the side in the Pakistan series and will be with the side till the 20th World Cup.
Matthew Mott, the white-ball coach for England, thought that having Young on the team would enhance communication, given he was present when the team won their first-ever ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in 2019. He was a member of the team in the past, and he has already shown me that he is a fantastic ally in his texts. Ensuring that my messages are understood.
“Having a slightly detached team member can help ensure that your communications are being received properly. Although he still plays other parts, he is available for both the opening of the World Cup and this series.” Following England’s lackluster performance in the just-ended Men’s Cricket World Cup in India, Mott desired a more transparent strategy.
“You can’t just carry on with “business as usual” after experiencing something as unpleasant as we have. As a team, you need to rethink your approach.” Regarding England’s comeback to India, Mott commented. “As a group, we’ve made a commitment to be a bit more open in and around our training sessions, to help each other out a bit more.” We were all guilty of being a little too solitary in India and attempting to handle our own problems. To support one another, we’ve decided to be a little more vulnerable and open as a group.”

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