Kuldeep Yadav Broke Silence On Being Dropped From The Team Despite His Brilliant Performance

Kuldeep Yadav’s mesmerizing spin bowling in India’s five-wicket victory against the West Indies showcased his skills as a top-class spinner. With an impressive 4 for 6, the wrist spinner displayed spin, flight, turn, bounce, and remarkable accuracy. However, despite consistent performances, Kuldeep has faced challenges with team selection in recent years. Nevertheless, he remains composed and focused on the process, determined to maximize his opportunities and contribute to the team’s success.

Despite his talent and consistent performances, Kuldeep Yadav has faced omissions from the team due to different match situations and combinations. In a notable shift in his mindset, Kuldeep Yadav now places more emphasis on the process rather than simply focusing on taking wickets. He has realized the importance of bowling the proper lengths consistently and has been working diligently on this aspect. Over the last nine ODI matches, he has taken an impressive 19 wickets, reflecting his dedication to process-oriented bowling.

Kuldeep Yadav stated, “Most of the time when I don’t get to play, it is because of the situation and combination. It is a normal thing. I have been playing cricket for so many years, and it has been more than six years. These things are normal now.”

Kuldeep highlighted his efforts to be more consistent with his lengths and variations. After returning from injury, he has worked hard to maintain the right lengths and deliver his variations strategically. He uses his variations effectively when the opposition has lost a few quick wickets, demonstrating his tactical approach to the game.

He emphasized, “For the past one and a half years, I have tried to bowl on those good lengths. I want to be more consistent with the length, and as far as wickets are concerned, you will get the wickets some days, while on others, you won’t. The situation is also very important; I try my variations only when the opposition quickly loses four or five wickets.”

Competition among spinners in the Indian team remains fierce, but Kuldeep sees it as a motivation to perform at his best. He acknowledges that competition keeps him on his toes and prevents him from taking anything lightly. His dedication to improving his craft and working on his bowling at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) showcases his commitment to being a valuable asset to the team.

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“Competition will always be there in the Indian cricket team, but it motivates you as well to do well as you can’t take anything lightly. For me, the process is more important than performance. I have been working at the NCA on my bowling and length. When you get the opportunity, you try to make it count,” he concluded.

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