KL Rahul’s Wife Athiya Shetty Responds To Strip Club Viral Video Controversy

Indian cricketer, KL Rahul’s alleged involvement in a strip club video has created a stir on social media. The video, which captured a dancer performing on a pole during a holiday in London, led to speculations that KL Rahul was present, accompanied by his wife, Athiya Shetty. However, Athiya has now broken her silence and addressed the situation, urging people to verify facts before spreading baseless rumors.

A video circulating on social media depicted scenes from a club where a pole dancer was performing. Among the individuals visible in the footage, one resembled KL Rahul. This led to widespread speculation on various social media platforms, alleging that the person in question was indeed the Indian cricketer and that he was present with his wife, Athiya Shetty.

Putting an end to the mounting rumors, Athiya Shetty took to social media to express her stance. In her statement, she emphasized the importance of fact-checking before spreading information and called for responsible reporting. Athiya clarified that she and KL Rahul had visited a regular spot during their holiday, just like any other individual, and refuted all claims circulating online.

KL Rahul’s wife, Athiya Shetty, has broken her silence. Rejecting all the claims going viral on social media, Athiya Shetty wrote, “Though I prefer to remain silent, I don’t react to people’s words, but sometimes it becomes very important to take a stand for myself. Rahul, I, and our friends went to the regular spot as one does. Check your facts before spreading anything and reporting.”

KL Rahul had traveled to London to treat a hamstring injury he successfully underwent. Currently on holiday with his wife, Athiya Shetty, KL Rahul’s presence in the viral video has been misconstrued and blown out of proportion on social media. Due to his injury, KL Rahul had been ruled out of the IPL 2023, leading to Krunal Pandya assuming the captaincy of the Lucknow Super Giants.

Respecting privacy and verifying information before contributing to the proliferation of baseless rumors is essential. As the incident unfolds, it is hoped that the focus will shift toward genuine news and the well-being of the individuals involved.

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