KL Rahul Has Described The Major Difference Between The Captaincy Of Dhoni, Virat, And Rohit

Indian cricketer KL Rahul is one of the best batsmen in the current Indian cricket team and is known for his technical batting and calm demeanor. Rahul, leading the Lucknow Super Giants in the Indian Premier League 2023, has been ruled out of the tournament and the WTC final due to an injury sustained while playing a match.

Also, KL Rahul was on “The Ranveer Show”, also known as “TRS”, in which he spoke frankly about several incidents and perspectives from his life. Rahul was also asked about his experience of playing under the leadership of MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, to which he replied,

“I have been captained by such great leaders, starting with MS Dhoni, while he was playing, you know he was the captain, he was, my first captain. I have seen how he handled the team and his calmness, the things that he does behind the scenes, like building a relationship with each person, are something that I have learned from him. You know, you need to build a relationship where these boys will fight for you and will be with you. That is something I learned from him,” said Rahul.

“Then Virat Kohli was our leader for six-seven years and the thing is that the Indian team did under him, the stats are there to be seen, and it was phenomenal. The passion the aggression brought, he set the standard really high, and his way of leading and captaining was like leading from the front and showing the team how to achieve greatness. He did that, and we all jumped on board; we got inspired by the things that he was doing, and we tried to be a better version of ourselves, and that is something that Virat created and gave each player the power or the realization to do that you don’t have to settle for mediocre,” Rahul explained his thoughts on Kohli’s captaincy.

“Rohit Sharma, who is like so sharp, as a leader, his strategies, he does a lot of homework before the game, he knows each person’s strengths and what he will do and he’s put under pressure, where you need to attack him or where are the flaws in his technique and like he is really good at strategies and understanding the game. All these things are the things I have learned from these people,” said Rahul on Indian skipper Rohit’s captaincy.

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