Jofra Archer Will Play In Ashes 2023 Or Not? Teammate Mark Wood Gives An Update

The fast bowler of England Mark Wood has expressed his belief that his teammate and one of the most lethal bowlers Jofra Archer will be fully prepared to play in the upcoming Ashes series. The five-match Test series between England and Australia is scheduled to commence on June 16th.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Mark Wood expressed his concern for Jofra Archer and stated that he believes Archer is a star player and will eventually make a successful return to the game after regaining his fitness and health.

“I feel for Jofra actually and I can sympathise with him quite a bit there. You feel like you’re just getting back and then you have a little setback and things happen. He’s a champion player and I’m sure he’ll come back and be a champion again,” said Wood.

Wood said that Archer is currently tickling with this form but mentally and physically he will be ready to serve the team.

“He has overcome bigger things and I’m sure that he will be ready for the Ashes. He’ll get great treatment there in Mumbai and England will look after him so that, come the Ashes, he will be mentally and physically ready,” Wood added.

Mark Wood also talked about the opposition Australia and referred to them exceptionally well. He said that Australia is a world class team. He also mentioned that the England team recently swept Pakistan in a three-match Test series in December 2022. It was a significant achievement and a major boost for the team.

“I think Australia are a world-class team and I think it will be a great series. I wouldn’t like to predict and say it’s going to be one way or another. What I will say is that everyone has doubted this England team before, saying ‘Oh, they won’t do it against this team’, or ‘They’ll struggle against this team.’ To win in Pakistan, I think, was a huge tick in the box,” said Wood.

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