“It was India’s poor bowling which cost them……” Alex Hales On India’s Semi-Final Match Performance

England won the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia and the epic knock of both the opener in the semi-final encounter will be always remembered. English opener Alex Hales has performed very well in the ICC Men’s T20 cricket and now he will play the T10 league in Dubai. Currently, he is a member of Abu Dhabi team and fans are excited to see him in the T10 cricket.

A short interview was done with English batter and T20 specialist Alex Hales, in which he has provided some details about his performance against India team in the semi-final match of the T20 World Cup and also gave details of the England team.

Question 1:- Was it the good batting combination or poor bowling attack from India in the semi-final match of T20 World Cup?

Answer:- It’s really high-scoring ground with small boundaries. It really easy to score approx. 190 on Adelaide while batting first but we bowled really well. And I feel that while chasing 170 at Adelaide Oval is really comfortable. Pitch got slow in the middle overs so we definitely wants to put early pressure in the power play and I guess poor bowling from India.

Question 2:- How do you see your career in international cricket after really good performance in the T20 World Cup?

Answer 2:- It is very wonderful feeling to win the T20 World Cup. I just want to enjoy and play some other T20 leagues and it is very early to say something about international career goals.

Question 3:- Is it any possibility to see you in the ODI cricket?

Answer 3:- I am not sure about it and I am just focusing on T20I.

Question 4:- You played the T10 before as well and are you excited to back in this format and also how excited to represent team Abu Dhabi?

Answer 4:- I loved to play T10 and also loved to play the other two team earlier. Also it is really good to shift from T10 to T20. It’s very good tournament and some good quality player comes from it.

Answer 5:- When you come to franchise tournament, is you developing the ability to dominate the spinner?

Answer 5:- From my experience its very hard to bat in T10 because the sub-continent pitches are biased to spinner. Yeah I have tried to improve my cricket with the spin bowling and it really help me in international cricket.

Question 6:- How do you manage to play in the T10 cricket and minimize the dot ball?

Answer 6:- In T20 cricket the team who hit more boundaries win the game, and I really don’t care about dot ball and I really focus on getting boundaries.

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Question 7:- Since you are the T20 specialist, do you think the bilateral T20 series demands are decreasing due to increase in the number of franchise cricket?

Answer 7:- To be honest, I can’t tell you exact answer. But the players always desperately want to play the international cricket, but I guess give priority to international cricket then franchise cricket.

Question 8:- How do you adjust yourself from Australia to direct Abu Dhabi conditions?

Answer 8:- Yeah, it really big difference between both the ground conditions. But I have played in these conditions earlier and I can do it. You will see it on the ground.

Question 9:- How do you manage to play spinner in T10 and how do you prepare yourself?

Answer 9:- It’s very less time to practice in T10 and you just have option to go on the field and attack the bowler covering the stumps and hopefully I will work in this tournament.

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Question 10:- How efficient (difficult) it is to play in all format of cricket as a player?

Answer 10:- It’s been very difficult to play in all three formats. Since I gave up ODI cricket my T20 cricket have been improved a lot and quickly. I think as the game going you will see the specialist in all the three formats. All the formats required different skill sets and I will try my best to continue in T20 cricket.

Question 11:- England have changed the batting approach after 2015, so how did this transition happened?

Answer 11:- Before 2015 we have just focus on ODI and Test. But after 2015, Jason, Buttler, Me came to play in the team and we have suited for the T20 cricket. And then the guys selected the team who have naturally power hitter. When you have the batter till no. 10 that gave you the confidence to bat with attacking approach.

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