IPL 2023: Naveen Broke His Silence On The Dispute With Virat, Provided Shocking Comment Before Leaving India

The clash between Naveen-ul-Haq, and Virat Kohli, during the IPL 2023 league phase caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Naveen’s team, Lucknow Super Giants, faced a disappointing loss to the Mumbai Indians in the eliminator match, ending their hopes of clinching the IPL trophy. As Naveen prepares to return to Afghanistan, he continues to fuel the fire of Indian fans through his social media posts.

In a recent statement, Naveen expressed his enjoyment of the crowd chanting “Kohli, Kohli,” which motivated him to perform at his best. Amidst the controversy, Naveen remains steadfast, focusing on his cricket and displaying resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite the backlash and criticism from Indian fans, Naveen-ul-Haq displays remarkable resilience. He maintains that the chants and comments from the audience have no impact on his game. The Afghan pacer focuses solely on his cricket and process, undeterred by external factors. Naveen acknowledges that criticism and appreciation go hand in hand as a professional player. He gracefully accepts both, knowing they are an inevitable part of the game.

Naveen, who took four wickets for 38 runs in the Eliminator against Mumbai, said, “I enjoyed it. I like everyone on the field to name him (Virat Kohli) or any other player. It gives me the spirit to do well for my team. I don’t think about external things. I just focus on my cricket and my process. I am not affected by the slogans of the audience or what anyone else says.”

Naveen added, “As a professional player, you must go with it. When you don’t do well for your team, the fans will target you. When you do well for your team, these people will appreciate you. It is a part of the game.”

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With Lucknow Super Giants out of IPL 2023 after losing to Mumbai Indians, Naveen-ul-Haq is set to return to his home country, Afghanistan. Before bidding farewell to India, the fast bowler made a statement about his clash with Virat Kohli, expressing his enjoyment of the crowd’s chants. This declaration highlights his resilience and ability to maintain a positive outlook even in challenging situations.

The Asia Cup, known for its intense clashes between cricket powerhouses in the Asian continent, is set to ignite the cricketing world once again.

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