‘Indian Captains Are Not Sacked…’ Sunil Gavaskar Lambasted On BCCI

In a surprising turn of events following India’s disappointing performance against Australia in the World Test Championship final at The Oval, Rohit Sharma, one of the team’s star players, was allowed to walk free without any consequences. Despite Australia’s dominant victory by 209 runs on the final day of the game, former India player Sunil Gavaskar has expressed his concern over the lack of accountability within the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and believes that the selectors should have addressed Rohit’s future in the team.

Gavaskar, renowned for his insightful analysis and bold statements, expressed his disappointment in the current state of Indian cricket. He highlighted the absence of a crucial meeting between the BCCI selectors and Rohit Sharma following the defeat, stating that such discussions were common during his playing days.

“There is no accountability in Indian cricket. There should have been a meeting. In our days, there used to be a meeting where the captain was appointed, and then two days later, he was asked to attend the selection of other players,” Gavaskar shared with Sports Tak, expressing his concerns about the current approach.

Gavaskar further criticized the trend of not holding captains accountable for their performance in India. He emphasized that the team has been facing a consistent lack of results in recent years, yet captains are not removed from their positions. Instead, individual performances tend to overshadow the significance of captaincy.

“Captains are not sacked in India if they lose series after series. It’s been happening for the last 10-12 years. Individual performances are deemed more important than captaincy. If a captain delivers with the bat or ball, he is not removed, even if the team loses,” Gavaskar added, questioning the prevailing mindset.

The statements made by Gavaskar shed light on a deeper issue within Indian cricket, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive evaluation of team performance and leadership. The absence of accountability, as Gavaskar suggests, could hinder the necessary changes required for the team’s future success.

As fans and cricket enthusiasts await the BCCI’s response to Gavaskar’s comments, the focus now shifts to the upcoming series and the team’s performance under Rohit Sharma’s leadership. The aftermath of the World Test Championship final defeat has left fans pondering the long-term implications for Indian cricket and the measures required to address the challenges faced by the team.

It remains to be seen whether Gavaskar’s remarks will spark a broader discussion on the selection process and captaincy in Indian cricket, ultimately leading to potential changes that may restore accountability and foster future success for the national team.

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