“In the next five years, Saudi will take their sport to a new level…”: Ben Stokes On Saudi Arabia’s Decision To Invest In Cricket

The world of sports is witnessing a significant shift as Saudi Arabia, known for its massive investments in football, sets its sights on cricket. Prince Saud bin Mishal al-Saud, the chairman of the Saudi Cricket Board, recently made an ambitious declaration. He expressed his desire to transform Saudi Arabia into a global cricketing destination. This article explores the implications of Saudi Arabia’s entry into cricket, its potential to reshape the sport, and the reactions it has garnered.

For years, Saudi Arabia has been a prominent player in the world of football. The country has lured top football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Karim Benzema with lucrative contracts. However, the recent statement by Prince Saud bin Mishal al-Saud indicates a strategic shift in focus. Saudi Arabia plans to invest heavily in cricket to make a mark on the international stage.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Indian Premier League (IPL) offer some of the most financially rewarding contracts to cricketers worldwide. These contracts have made India a cricketing powerhouse. However, England’s Test skipper, Ben Stokes, has weighed in on Saudi Arabia’s foray into cricket, and his comments are thought-provoking.

Stokes acknowledges the financial muscle Saudi Arabia brings to the table. He remarks that the billions of dollars poised to be invested could revolutionize the sport. Such substantial contracts could be irresistible for players. Stokes believes Saudi Arabia’s cricket influence will only grow stronger in the next five years.

“You cannot compete with Saudi. The amount of money they are throwing into other sports is remarkable. In the next five years, Saudi will take their sport to a new level,” Stokes commented.

One key indicator of Saudi Arabia’s intentions in cricket is its partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC). Saudi oil giant Aramco has inked a deal to sponsor the ICC World Cup 2023, scheduled to kick off in India on October 5. This collaboration signifies Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a significant player in the cricketing world.

As Saudi Arabia’s cricketing ambitions gain momentum, it raises intriguing questions about the sport’s future. Could Saudi Arabia emerge as a rival to established cricketing nations like India, England, and Australia? Will the allure of massive contracts tempt cricketers away from traditional cricketing powerhouses? These questions linger as Saudi Arabia steps onto the cricketing pitch with determination.

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Saudi Arabia’s decision to shift its focus from football to cricket is bold and ambitious. With substantial financial investments and partnerships with major cricketing bodies like the ICC, the nation aims to redefine the sport’s landscape. As Ben Stokes rightly observes, it might be challenging to compete with the financial prowess of Saudi Arabia. The next few years will determine how this ambitious venture transforms the cricket world.

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