If Any Match Of The IPL Is Cancelled, Then How Much Does The Franchise Suffer? Check The Full Report

In the ongoing IPL 2023 season, rain has cast a shadow over the matches, with only one game affected so far. Due to rain, the scheduled clash between Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Super Giants had to be abandoned. Now, with the final match of IPL 2023 rescheduled to the reserve day on May 29th, concerns about potential match cancellations arise. Have you ever wondered about the financial repercussions for the franchises when a match is called off in the Indian Premier League?

Fortunately for the franchises, they do not incur any direct losses when a match is canceled in the IPL. Like individuals taking out insurance policies for medical treatments, the IPL itself is insured. If a match or tournament is washed out, the insurance company is responsible for covering the losses. Reports suggest that organizers and sponsors can obtain event cancellation insurance, ensuring that no team faces financial ramifications due to rain interruptions.

Moreover, it is worth noting that most franchises also insure their players. The franchise’s insurance policy covers the costs if a player sustains an injury or requires medical assistance. Therefore, the franchise is safeguarded from financial burdens even if a player gets injured during the tournament. The player’s fees are typically included in this coverage, providing further protection for the franchise.

As the final match of IPL 2023 approaches on May 29th, the reserve day, it is important to understand the potential scenarios that may unfold. If not a single ball can be bowled in the match, the organizers will wait as long as possible and even consider conducting a one-over match. However, if the match cannot be played under any circumstances, the team that finishes at the top of the league stage will be declared the winner following the rules.

In conclusion, canceling matches in the IPL does not directly impact the franchises financially, as the tournament and the players are insured. The insurance coverage ensures that the franchises are protected against losses caused by match cancellations and player injuries. As the IPL final approaches, fans eagerly anticipate a thrilling encounter, hoping the weather conditions remain favorable for a successful and memorable conclusion to IPL 2023.

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