“I will Show you…”Ravi Ashwin’s biggest statement on Kohli’s batting position

Virat Kohli’s recent struggles as an opening batsman in the T20 World Cup 2024 have sparked a big discussion about his batting form and position. Usually batting at number three, there’s a suggestion that he should bat lower and let Rishabh Pant open with captain Rohit Sharma. Some people worry that changing Virat’s position could hurt his confidence. However, experienced Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin believes that a player of Kohli’s caliber won’t easily lose his confidence.

Ashwin, who isn’t playing for India in the T20 World Cup, thinks that if Kohli is placed at the third batting position, he might become more motivated and prove his critics wrong.

“It’s impossible for a player like Virat Kohli to lose his confidence. He would think, ‘you moved me to number 3, I’ll show you my true worth.’ That’s his approach to batting. I’m saying this because I know him well,” Ashwin explained in a video on his YouTube channel.

Virat Kohli is not the kind of player who would lose his confidence. He would probably say, ‘You moved me to number 3, but I’ll prove my worth.’ That’s his approach to batting. I know this because I know him,” said Ashwin in a video on his YouTube channel.

Even though Virat hasn’t done well in the three games he played in the T20 World Cup, it’s not a question of him being left out of the team. In fact, Robin Uthappa, a former Indian batsman who has watched Kohli closely, believes that he still has a lot of confidence.

“After the last game, I caught a quick look at Virat Kohli’s body language. It was only for about five seconds. He was chatting with a few players and the support team. His body language shows he’s very confident. This confidence comes from understanding his own skills and trusting his abilities. He realizes this is just a small issue,” Uthappa explained in a conversation with Ashwin.

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