“I don’t want to see Dhoni’s face…”: Yograj Singh Criticized MS Dhoni

Yograj Singh, the father of renowned cricketer Yuvraj Singh, has launched a scathing attack on former BCCI selectors and former Indian captain MS Dhoni. In a candid conversation, Singh expressed his disappointment with the selection process, highlighting MSK Prasad’s role in Yuvraj Singh’s early retirement. He also questioned Dhoni’s commitment to excelling for the country as much as he does for his franchise. Singh’s passionate critique sheds light on his grievances and aspirations for Yuvraj’s cricketing journey.

Yograj Singh’s criticism centers on the selection committee’s perceived unjust treatment of Yuvraj Singh. He singles out MSK Prasad, one of the selectors, for the premature retirement of his son. Singh questions why Yuvraj, who met the fitness criteria by passing the yo-yo test, was not chosen for the national team. He contrasts this situation with the leadership of former captains like Sourav Ganguly and Sunil Gavaskar, suggesting that under different leaders, Yuvraj’s career might have unfolded differently.

Singh questioned, “Why wasn’t Yuvraj, who cleared the yo-yo test, chosen? Virat Kohli’s captaincy didn’t help either. Under leaders like Sourav Ganguly or Sunil Gavaskar, Yuvraj might have had a different journey.”

Singh’s scrutiny extends to MS Dhoni, a cricketing legend and former captain. He raises whether Dhoni’s allegiance to his franchise supersedes his commitment to the nation. Singh wonders aloud if achieving glory for the country should hold more significance than winning accolades for a franchise. This critique reflects his concern for players prioritizing national duty over personal gains.
Singh asked, “Isn’t it more fulfilling to bring glory to our nation than to a franchise?”

When asked about forgiving Dhoni, Singh’s passionate response indicates his lingering anger. He states that his anger will persist as long as he lives and emphasizes that while he encourages others to take the high road and avoid blame, he leaves the ultimate judgment to a higher power. This anger underscores the depth of Singh’s disappointment in how Yuvraj’s career was shaped.

He firmly stated, “My anger will remain alive as long as I’m alive. I often encourage others to choose the right path and avoid blaming others but the ultimate judgment lies with God.”

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Yograj Singh’s remarks suggest a belief in a shift in Dhoni’s fortunes and the orchestrated outcomes of the past decade. He alludes to the notion that the seeds planted by Dhoni have now led to a different outcome, potentially implying that fate or a higher force is at play in shaping the course of events.

“I don’t want to see Dhoni’s face or speak about him. He shattered my dreams for Yuvraj.” Singh’s emotions reflect the depth of his disappointment and pain.

At the heart of Yograj Singh’s fiery critique lies a father’s aspiration for Yuvraj Singh’s cricketing legacy. He desires a grand retirement akin to that of Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell. Singh’s message is straightforward: he believes that the decisions made by selectors Ravi Shastri and MS Dhoni in Yuvraj’s career will not go unnoticed and deserve scrutiny.

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