‘I am ready to go on mars and ………’ Former Indian Legend Cricketer On India vs Pakistan Clash

The craze among cricket fans for the India-Pakistan clash is unbelievable. Fans and former cricketers have the same craze for this game and love watching the clash. This time former Indian cricketer Farokh Engineer showed his eagerness and said he is ready to travel to mars if the India-Pakistan clash is there. Both teams haven’t played any bilateral series for 10 years, and we have only seen their clash in Asia Cup and ICC tournaments. The last time when both the teams played against each other, there were approx. 1 lac crowd present at MCG.

“I would love to see India-Pakistan clash anywhere. I will even go to Mars if India and Pakistan will play there. Having an India-Pakistan series in England or the UAE would be fantastic. You know there have been great games in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and especially Sharjah, which created such excitement those days. So I hope they resume playing with each other, whether in Dubai or England. But unfortunately, I am not on the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It’s up to the powers that be, and it’s up to the government. They take the decisions,” Farokh said in an interview.

“Virat Kohli played a phenomenal inning. India did have a bit of luck, and in that last over, we saw everything. It was a fitting finish to an India-Pakistan match. But what pleased me most was the friendliness of the players on the pitch. It was played in a great atmosphere, with great camaraderie,” Engineer further added.

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Legendary Indian wicketkeeper described a story when he had played a match for World XI, and Pakistani legend batter Zaheer was his roommate. And at the time, both countries had broken out the war.

“When I played for the World XI against Australia (in 1971), Zaheer Abbas was my roommate. On the day the war broke out, I was playing with Zaheer,” he recalled at the end.

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