“He Worked With A Very Negative Approach….” Salman Butt Criticized Ramiz Raza For His Way Of Working

A report amid that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Ramiz Raja has been sacked from the post of chairman, and Najam Sethi would be the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Currently, the Pakistan cricket team is playing the last test match of the three-match test series against England; however, Babar Azam & Co. have already lost the series, but in the last match, they have been trying their best to win the last clash and finish the series on a high.

Pakistani team has already out of the race for World Test Championship; previously, they lost the Asia Cup 2022 in the finals and even the T20 World Cup 2022. Looking at these issues, Former Pakistani skipper Salman Butt criticized Ramiz Raja. He even mentioned that bringing some deserving person would be better for Pakistan cricket because he worked with a very negative approach which is useless for Pakistan. It would be better for him to accept it.

“I think that more than negativity, there is incompetence. Work on it and give importance to merit; bringing deserving people would be better. When you are useless, you say there is negativity. When you do good work, things will be positive. If you don’t know how to work, better accept it,” said Salman on his YouTube Channel.

Further speaking on him, Salman mentioned Ramiz’s positive comment on the Rawalpindi pitch, rating it as the below-average pitch by ICC, showing his clumsiness and lack of proficiency toward Pakistan cricket.

“Both the matches produced results. Move on from this narrative. It leads to negative headlines. Our cricket is now a brand. We must take care of it. If you want to spread negativity, there are 10000 other things. We are working on it now and only ask you to have patience,” further Butt added.

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Najim Sethi will be the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Earlier, he was chairman of PCB in 2017, but when the central government changed, he was sacked, and Ramiz Raja took his place.

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