Ex-Pakistani keeper Slams Babar Azam & Company, Here Is The Biggest Reason

The recently concluded Test Series saw England completely decimate Pakistan’s cricket team, handing them their first-ever home whitewash defeat in a Test Series. This was a major letdown for Pakistan’s cricket team.

The team, particularly skipper Babar Azam, has taken a lot of heat for their reserved approach to a Test Match as opposed to Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum’s aggressive approach. Kamran Akmal, a former Pakistan wicketkeeper, has now criticised Babar Azam for his reserved demeanour as Test captain against England.

Akmal said on his YouTube channel, “Any country that wins a series in Pakistan, it’s a big achievement for them. Very big achievement for England. They came after so long, it was a historical series and they made Pakistan a history. They told us, ‘we have exposed your cricket, your mentality, your system. Now, you take the decision on how to improve your cricket’.”

Ben Stokes and Babar Azam’s approaches as the captains of their respective teams, according to Akmal, were very different.

He added, “We know where we made mistakes. Those who made debut, did they deserve it? Did we play the XI according to pitch? The captaincy wasn’t perfect. You look at Ben Stokes’ captaincy and Babar’s captaincy… he has been Pakistan’s skipper for so long, at least have some maturity now, take better decisions. At least make your presence feel in the ground. There was nothing positive about him.”

“From the first Test till the last day of the series, every time there was a press conference, commentators and media, everyone was talking about how England dominated Pakistan. No one talked about us, no one praised us because we played with a negative approach.”

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