‘England Had Last Laugh’, Gautam Gambhir Straight And Bold Suggestion For Team India In World Cup 2023

Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir has given a huge statement regarding the strategy of Team India for the upcoming ODI World Cup. Gambhir has said that as the tournament starts, India should focus on winning the World Cup rather than keeping an eye on the game against Pakistan.

Even though Team India is set to begin their tournament against Australia on October 8, the pre-tournament talks have already revolved around their upcoming match against Pakistan a few days later. Gambhir is remembered for his crucial performances in the finals of the T20 World Cup in 2007 and the 2011 ODI World Cup which led India to victory.

While speaking on Star Sports after the match of India against Nepal, Gambhir said,”England had the last laugh. You go into that tournament not thinking that we have only got to beat Pakistan. And I hope that doesn’t happen in the 50-over World Cup in India as well.”

He further added,”I hope it’s not only about India and Pakistan on October 14. I hope it’s about India playing the World Cup final and lifting the Cup, because you never know how many people will be part of the next World Cup from this World Cup team. And it only happens after 4 years.”

The former cricketing legend also encouraged both fans and broadcasters to prioritize discussions about India clinching the World Cup championship rather than having their sole focus on the match against Pakistan.

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“For us as a nation, for us as fans, for us as broadcasters, everything should not only be focused on India and Pakistan. It’s all about winning the World Cup. Pakistan is just a block. It’s just a step toward winning the World Cup,” he stated.

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