“Difficult to face…”Oman’s skipper candid admission after loss against England

Oman’s captain, Aqib Ilyas, mentioned that their team didn’t bat well against England at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. They lost by eight wickets to England in a T20 World Cup 2024 game. After the match, Aqib explained that their top players didn’t score many runs during the whole T20 World Cup 2024. He also said that their batters struggled against fast bowlers who could bowl at speeds of 150 kilometers per hour.

“We didn’t bat well. Our top players didn’t score much throughout the tournament. It was a good learning experience, but we couldn’t do much. Without enough runs, our bowlers didn’t have a chance. We usually play against bowlers who bowl at speeds between 130 and 140 kilometers per hour in lower-level cricket. So, it’s tough when we only face bowlers who can bowl at 150 once a year, it affects our mindset. It’s a different challenge when you’re not used to playing against such fast bowlers,” Aqib explained.

He also mentioned that the batters felt pressure when playing against England because they hadn’t scored many runs in their recent games. The captain of Oman said it’s not fair to blame the bowlers for the defeat.

“The batters were also feeling the pressure since they hadn’t scored much in the previous games. Sadly, they made poor choices in shot selection and the England bowlers were very accurate. The bowlers shouldn’t be blamed for anything, as they’ve performed well throughout the tournament. It would have been nice to end on a high note,” he explained.

England will play their final game against Namibia on June 16.

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