Dhoni, Rohit Sharma Or Virat Kohli? Shikhar Dhawan Names The Best Captain

Star Indian batter Shikhar Dhawan had an exclusive interview with the famous Lallantop’s journalist Saurabh Dwivedi. During the interview the southpaw shared his experience playing under the three different captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

The veteran Indian opener made his ODI debut under the captaincy of MS Dhoni back in 2010. He also made his Test entry under captain cool. After Dhoni, Dhawan played under Virat Kohli and the current Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma.

The 37-year-old responded that each of the three Indian captains were unique on their own terms. He said they have their own personalities when questioned about the nuances between playing for them. In contrast to Kohli, who was a more aggressive captain, he added that Dhoni was more calm, composed and cool.

“They are all different characters. Dhoni bhai is very calm and composed, he used to back me, support me, and in fact, all of them supported me. His style was different. Virat was an aggressive captain, he plays with aggression too, it is his character,” Dhawan said in the exclusive interview.

The journalist later asked how does a player define the aggressiveness of a captain? Is it with the field placements, the minute detailing or the feedback or remarks on some Individual players.

Dhawan answered it with smartness and said that Kohli has a more aggressive approach and it reflects in his batting as well. On the other hand, Dhoni is a calm personality and he is known to maintain a pressure-free environment around the players.

“I think it is more about personality. Like Dhoni bhai had a calm personality, which was reflected in his captaincy. It’s a pressure game, and in pressure situations, your personality comes out,” Dhawan added.

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