Check Out The Mysterious Man Behind The First Win Of RCB In WPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) performance is disappointing in the Women’s Premier League first season because they lost five consecutive matches, and in the sixth match, they finally opened their winning account. And the credit for this win goes to Indian stalwart batter Virat Kohli, also former skipper RCB in IPL.

Virat met with the women’s team members of Royal Challengers Bangalore on Wednesday. He encouraged the team in the meeting. Virat explained his experience of 15 years of IPL and shared ideas about being positive in matches irrespective of results. Also explained about grabbing the opportunity in this type of tournament.

“I have played IPL for 15 years, and I haven’t won it yet, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited every year. That’s all I can do; that’s all the effort I can put into every game and tournament I play. If we win, great. If we don’t, I will not go to my grave thinking, ” Oh, if only I had won the IPL, I would have been a happy man. It doesn’t happen like that. Always think about the opportunity you have got rather than how hard it is because there is always a flipside that it could be worse than this,” Kohli said.

After this, Virat added that RCB has the best fan following worldwide. We can’t give them the trophy every season, but we can provide 110% in every game, which makes our fans happy, and the smile on their face before every game is just incredible for us.

“I still feel we have the best fans in the world only because we are always committed in every game we play for RCB, which has been the most special thing for our fans. Now when they see us, the smile on their face tells me that there is belief in our commitment toward the team. There is no guarantee of giving the fans the cup every year, but there is the guarantee of giving your 110 percent. That is all you can strive for.” Virat further added in speaking with the women’s team of RCB.

The path of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Women’s Premier League for the playoffs is fading away. And if they lose any match in WPL, their desire to reach the playoffs will end. The biggest thorn for the RCB W is Mumbai Indians because they have to play on 21st March against them.

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