Captain Rohit Sharma Answered, Axar, Rishabh, or Karthik Who Will Feature In India’s Playing 11 In The Semi-Final Encounter Against England

The ongoing T20 World Cup is at its peak and only three encounters are left to announce the winner of this marquee tournament. Today, New Zealand will clash with Pakistan at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, and will get the first finalist of the T20 World Cup, whereas India will face Pakistan at Adelaide on 10th Nov from there we will get our second finalist team of this tournament. Both matches are important for all four teams and they will try their best to win the clash to get into the finals.

Before the important clash, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma attended the press conference, and here are some major answers given by him.

Question 1:- What are you thinking about the performance of the players in the knockout matches?

Answer 1:- We understand the importance of knockout matches but a poor performance in a match cannot tell you players’ capability.

Question 2:- What’s your strategy just ahead of an important knockout encounter?

Answer 2:- Tomorrow, we have to play well. You have to do well in the knockout matches and also don’t forget about those players, who have played well for the team in past. I don’t believe that one match defines a player’s ability and skill, especially in a game like a cricket.

Question 3:- What is your opinion as a skipper about the ground of last year’s and this year’s T20 World Cup?

Answer 3:- Last year in Dubai, we knew that there was not much change in the boundary of the grounds. In Australia, there are big boundaries and some small boundaries. Somewhere you get smaller boundaries on one side and the other side have bigger boundaries, and you will have to adjust according to the ground. We’ve talked a lot about this and we tried to adjust as soon as possible.

Question 4:- What do you think about Axar Patel? Will he get the chance the playing XI or you are looking for a change?

Answer 4:- We are not bothered by their performance. He hasn’t got much over to the bowl. We didn’t find a situation where we could give him the ball in the power play, which is his strong side. I think he is in good shape.

Question 5:- Your star batter Suryakumar is getting praised from all over the world. What is your approach towards him, can you share something about him?

Answer 5:- He is someone who does not carry baggage with him. I’m not talking about the suitcase. He does a lot of shopping. He bats the way he wants whether the team’s score is 10/2 or 100/2. He told me that he loves to bat on the big grounds not on the smaller ones because there are big gaps are easily visible and he doesn’t like small gaps.

Question 6:- Will Rishabh Pant get the chance to play in the important knockout encounter?

Answer 6:- Before the match against Zimbabwe, we didn’t know with which team our semi-final would be. Rishabh did not play any match in this tour except the practice match. You cannot pick someone in the playing XI directly in the semi-finals. We thought if we needed a left-handed batter in the knockout round, that’s why we brought Pant against Zimbabwe. Both wicketkeepers are available for the next match, will decide on the playing XI tomorrow.

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