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Betting apps provide quick access to the basic functionality of the original bookmaker site at The betting apps presented in this section are primarily utilities designed to provide players with a convenient and functional platform to play on a mobile device. All of the following applications focus on cricket, so if you are a fan of this cool type of sport, you will definitely find them to your liking.

This page contains the best cricket betting apps online that are available in India. All of them have been thoroughly tested, so we can be sure of their quality.

“But why exactly are there best cricket betting apps on this page?”.

It’s simple. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. It really has a lot of fans who are willing to bet exorbitant amounts on their favorite team. Bookmakers couldn’t help but take advantage of this fact, so absolutely all organizations from this list provide very comfortable and pleasant conditions for cricket betting. 

How to play cricket?

The rules of cricket are quite complicated for many, even for Indian fans. The game has preserved a lot of traditional points, which have a negative impact on the spectacle. For example, the match time is not limited, and the game can even last for several days. This is perhaps the main disadvantage of cricket betting, which many players do not pay attention to. 

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Often in cricket betting the winner is determined not by points, but by additional parameters – a draw happens quite often, and you should definitely keep that in mind if you make bids in the best cricket betting apps. 

Understanding all the intricacies of the rules of cricket and cricket betting is difficult enough, but here are the basic rules of this game discipline:

  1. On an oval field with a track in the middle confront each other two teams of eleven players;
  2. The aim of the game is to score more points than the opponent;
  3. Points are awarded for the rebounding players’ runs;
  4. The goal of the throwing team is to get 10 kickers out of the game.

The period ends only after all of the kickers have been eliminated from the game. This often drags on for 10-20 hours and sometimes longer. Therefore, a 24-hour match in cricket is quite common. This is something to keep in mind when you do cricket betting. 

What are the types of stakes here?

Here is a list of what stakes you can find in these utilities:

On winning the game.Usually bookmakers only accept bets on team wins, but in cricket a draw is possible. 
On winning the entire tournamentCricket tournaments do not have a large number of participants, so if you want you can easily analyze the teams and make the right bet. 
On the best player.In cricket, it is very rare when one player is much stronger than his teammates, so this bet will be very risky. Nevertheless, this type is usually present in cricket betting apps as well.
On the total number of points. It is a bet on the individual performance of players.
Other types. Usually, bookmakers only accept bets on team wins, but in cricket a draw is possible. 

Are there any strategies on how I can consistently win bets?

It’s hard to find any proven betting strategies in cricket. According to professionals, match-fixing is the most common in this sport. This should be kept in mind. If you see any new team in a match, it is better to refrain from making a bet. 

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This is what a typical winning strategy in best cricket betting apps looks like:

  • Look at the odds on all available matches; 
  • Select matches;
  • If in one of the matches, the odds have dropped by 10% in either direction, then make a bet. 

By the way, here are some tips on what you need to pay attention to while making bids in the best cricket betting apps:

  • How the toss went – perhaps one of the most obvious and notable features of the rules of the game in this discipline is the fact that there is a toss-up. The first team to act is the team that wins it. And the point here is that the first team always has a slight advantage. For example, since they act first, they have to interact with the clean turf and the ball, so the influence of extraneous factors on their performance is excluded.  batter to hit the ball after the consistent bounce, when areas of the field are not yet damaged.
  • Weather conditions – cricket is one of the most weather-dependent sports. For example, teams never play in the rain. If precipitation is expected, the results of the toss often become crucial to the outcome of the confrontation.
  • State of the playing field – cricket is a sport where the match can be in a variety of locations. For example, sometimes the teams do not even meet on the lawn, but on a concrete field. You should always take this factor into account if you make a bet. The bottom line is that on the lawn, some players may perform worse, because they will have a lower level of contact and fixation due to unsuitable shoes. However, this rule also applies in reverse. Try to study the players’ uniforms and pay attention to their shoes. Speaking of uniforms…
  • Uniform of players and team – it is necessary to evaluate the functional state of the team before the upcoming match. To do this, you need to look at the results of the last matches and assess how strong the opponents were. When a team plays in a series, the home team often succeeds several times in a row after winning the first match. The visitors, if they don’t manage to prove themselves in the opening game, run the risk of falling into a losing streak. This largely depends on the morale of the team. 

Why is it better to use special mobile betting utilities rather than desktop sites?

In fact, there are quite a large number of reasons for this. Here are just a few of them:

  • Convenience – the less time a forecaster spends getting used to the interface, the better for the office. Professional players are used to synchronizing their activities with constant movement, which means it is better that the software is as convenient as possible. Betting organizations are well aware of this, and therefore develop their utilities in such a way that they can be conveniently used anywhere in the world. 
  • In applications from betting organizations for cricket betting there is often an emphasis on maintaining the brand identity of the company itself (logos, interface, special features) and maintaining the maximum number of options available to the platform: from making simple bets to full-length viewing of fights online (if we are talking about wrestling disciplines, for example).
  • Bookmakers have to work hard to ensure fast data transfer, and since mobile Internet is hardly very fast, betting software is often extremely optimized – it consumes very little traffic.

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