‘Asia Cup Without Pakistan Is Like Pizza Without The Topping’, Aakash Chopra Heartwarming Remarks For the Cricket Fans  

Former Indian Cricketer and one of the renowned commentators of the modern era Aakash Chopra has given his opinion on the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 which will be played in a hybrid model.

The Asia Cup’s future was uncertain due to India refusing to play in Pakistan and asking the committee to hold the tournament anywhere else. However, a compromise has been reached through a hybrid model that has been accepted by all the teams involved in this tournament. Under this closure, four games will be organized by Pakistan while Sri Lanka will host the remaining games.

While talking to his Youtube Channel, Aakash Chopra said, “I am not a wee bit surprised because India had refused to go and they are not going. Pakistan will also come to play the World Cup, there is no doubt about that because you cannot do that in ICC events that you won’t play.”

The former KKR opener further added, “You can flex your muscles slightly in the Asia Cup, you can say that you won’t play and that other teams can play without you if they want. Asia Cup without Pakistan is like pizza without the topping. It won’t be enjoyable. So you want Pakistan to be there in the Asia Cup.”

Pakistan had issued a threat to boycott both the Asia Cup and the upcoming World Cup scheduled to be held in India. As an alternative, they had suggested hosting the Indian games in the UAE. However, this proposal was rejected due to concerns over the intense heat conditions in the region especially in the 50-over matches.

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Talking further, he said that it is good that the long debate over the venue of the Asia Cup has been finally settled.

The commentator said, “It was always confirmed that India won’t go to Pakistan and it was always confirmed that Pakistan will come to India. Posturing is over. I hope this ends the debate because the talks were continuing and nothing was getting finalized.”

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